This project documents the COVID-19 pandemic experiences of people in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

Welcome to Pandemic 2020. Right now, we are all grappling with how to deal with the pandemic and struggle with the impact on our daily lives. We want to document and preserve our stories, videos, photographs, and recollections of this challenging time.

We want to know how COVID-19 has altered your life and your thoughts about these changes. Contributions can be anonymous or authored. They can be personal or largely observational. Additionally, we encourage you to engage with other contributors and create a sense of community in what has been for many people, a lonely and isolating time.

This website aims to document to COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 experience for Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. It was built by Saint Vincent College's History  and Public History Departments along with the Westmoreland Historical Society.

All of the material on the site, however, was contributed by members of the greater Westmoreland County community. We hope you will consider contributing as well. 

The materials shared with us here will allow future generations to better understand our present experiences.


Contributing to this project is easy. Simply click on the "Contribute an Item" tab above. This will take you to the contribution page, where you will select what kind of item you would like to contribute. You can submit a story or recollection, an image, an audio recording or oral history, a video, a lesson plan or recipe you developed during the pandemic, or a website. You can also send in social media posts or emails, we just ask that you screenshot them and submit the image.

After you select the type of item you would like to upload, the website will then present additional text boxes to fill in. We will ask you give your submission a title, a description, and a related date. You will also be prompted to submit a file if it is required for the type of submission. We will ask for your name to help in our documentation efforts, but you are welcome to put "Anonymous" if you would like to submit anonymously. After that, your contribution will be submitted to our team for approval.


You can contribute anything that you feel reflects your experience of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. We want this project to serve as a long-term digital archive of local memory. Any image, story, video, recording, screenshot, or other type of document that you think captures something about this moment is an appropriate contribution.

Potential submissions include: 

We hope you will use the project form a place of digital interaction to communicate, share your thoughts, joys, and fears, and help us create a snapshot in time about what it is like to experience life through the COVID-19 pandemic.


Feel free to contact us about any questions or concerns.

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