Businesses and Stores


Businesses and Stores


This collection contains stories, images, and other material related to local businesses and stores. These resources look at how both essential and non-essential businesses and their workers have been affected by the pandemic.

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The new Greensburg rush hour
Main Street is empty on this Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

White Rabbit Cafe - closed until further notice
The sign on the front door of the White Rabbit Cafe and Patisserie reads: "Due to the current situation, we are closed until further notice."

Pottery Playhouse - we are closed :(
Sign on the door of the Pottery Playhouse, a paint your own pottery and craft studio. The sign reads: "Due to COVID-19 we are closed. Please follow us on social media for updates or email us. Keep your loved ones safe."

"Don't be sprung into the dark."
A sign at the Lighting Gallery in Greensburg: "Don't be sprung into the dark. Most things look better in the light." I am not sure if this text was put up during the quarantine, but it felt especially poignant during this time.

"Closed - we miss you."
The Main Bowling Center has a sign that says, "Closed - we miss you." The marquee by the Family Video complex says, "Temp. closed, will reopen."

Farm to Fender
On April 5, 2020 for the safety of customers and employees, Schramm's Farm Market closed for walk-in business. Customers instead began using the "Farm to Fender" option by calling in their order ahead of time and selecting items from a list. Upon…

Greensburg Bowling Signage
Signage seen at Main Bowling Center in Greensburg, PA on 04/20/20.

Downtown Greensburg
Hand painted sign indicating food pickup can be made behind the restaurant. Taken in Greensburg, PA.
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