Parks and Recreation


Parks and Recreation


Outdoor recreation has been allowed to continue under the stay-at-home order. At the same time, people are required to practice social distancing and many facilities in local, county, and state parks have closed and reduced staff. This collection looks at changes to parks and outdoor recreation areas and how people are continuing to use these resources during a time of crisis.

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Closed playground with readable sign
Photo of the sign announcing the closing of the playground

Playground at Keystone State Park
The playground is among many facilities closed at Keystone State Park. In any other year, children would be enjoying the playground on this beautiful spring evening.

Stay-at-home outdoor recreation from DCNR
Post from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, shared on the Pennsylvania State Parks Facebook page. Explains what outdoor recreation means during the stay-at-home order.

Leave no trace from DCNR
Post from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Facebook page. Explains how people can practice "leave no trace" while park facilities are closed and understaffed.

Staying Active
Finding creative ways to social distance and stay active!

Twin Lakes Playground
Playground equipment at Twin Lakes is closed.

Powdermill Nature Reserve sign
Sign at Powdermill Nature Reserve explaining Covid-19 policies like mask wearing and social distancing.

Car Picnic Paradise
In a time of isolation, being six feet apart is a luxury.
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