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Fr. Brian Interview.docx
Fr. Brian describes his experience with the sudden onset of lockdowns and how his duty as a teacher was affected.

A lockdown mass.jpg
this is a photo of a quarantine mass during lockdown

Dr. Kehoe Interview.docx
This short interview with Dr. Kehoe covers her experience with the pandemic and how it shaped her career as an educator.

The suspension of chaplain services to St. Emma's in Greensburg

This is a notice that discusses the postponing of the election of the Archabbot during Covid-19. It also includes protocols and procedures that were being followed by the monks.

This is a sign from the monastery during the pandemic

Pitt FB Comments.docx
When Pitt announced that students would be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, opinions were very split on the subject. Many are glad that the university is taking those measures to protect students and staff. Others question the university's…

Norwin FB Comments.docx
As Norwin School District was preparing to begin the 2021-2022 school year, the district was opting to make masking optional. This changed, however, when masking in schools was mandated by the state. The district posted a photo for the first week of…

Derry FB Comments.docx
Commenters were not afraid to voice their dissatisfaction with masking at Derry schools and closures due to COVID-19. The people from these particular posts feel that masking is dangerous and useless, claiming children are rarely affected by the…

Latrobe FB Comments.docx
Greater Latrobe School District keeps parents informed about health and safety policies and the status of COVID-19 in the district. This includes informing parents of the unfortunate event when classes must be done virtually due to increased Covid…

Jeannette City School District shared their Health and Safety Plan overview on Facebook, which included a mask optional policy until required by law or deemed necessary by board of directors. Although masks were not required in the classroom, they…

The Hempfield Area School District's Facebook page posted a link to a pharmacy where students could get vaccinated for COVID-19. Several commenters shared their opinions on children getting the shot.

As Saint Vincent College shared plans to keep students and staff safe for the Fall 2020 semester, not everyone was grateful. While some people commented their approval of the Health and Safety Plan, others were put off by the plans and voiced that…

Screenshot (15).png
When Saint Vincent entered a Shelter-in-Place during the Spring 2021 semester, people on Facebook were quick to show praise and criticism.

Ending high-school and coming into college with Covid-19 still present in today's world became somewhat of a normality to me personally as a student. It is hard to believe what was once was two-weeks out of school is now a lasting severe health…
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