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A lockdown mass.jpg
this is a photo of a quarantine mass during lockdown

The suspension of chaplain services to St. Emma's in Greensburg

This is a notice that discusses the postponing of the election of the Archabbot during Covid-19. It also includes protocols and procedures that were being followed by the monks.

Signage outside Trinity United Church of Christ in downtown Greensburg, PA. The signage doubly announces the resurrection of Christ and that Sunday services have been canceled.

The organ plays at Saint Vincent Basilica on Easter Sunday. While the church was closed to the public, mass was offered via livestream earlier that morning.

Church bells ring at Saint Vincent Basilica on Easter Sunday. Mass was livestreamed from the Basilica that morning.

The poem "I See His Blood Upon the Rose" by Joseph Mary Plunkett is taped to the door of Saint Vincent Basilica.

Saint Vincent Basilica is closed to the public. Easter Mass was instead livestreamed, led by Saint Vincent College president Father Paul R. Taylor, O.S.B.

The parking lot at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is empty on Easter Sunday. Like many religious organizations, this church is offering online services.
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