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This is a picture during the Saint Vincent College graduation from the spring 2021 semester. This was Saint Vincent’s first ever outdoor graduation. Even though this was just one of the many changes that had to happen due to the coronavirus pandemic,…

I took this picture in the stairway of my on-campus dormitory. Those Covid-19 flyers are everywhere on campus, and I am sure they will look out of place in the future. I put my face there because I wanted to illustrate the reality of living here…

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Essentials for College during Covid

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An email from Saint Vincent College Covid-19 tracing unit to student. This had been the third time I was quarantined at school, but the first time I had to stay the entirety of the two-week window.

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This video was taken at the Fred Rodgers Center at Saint Vincent College. This was the sad reality for us basketball players. We had to get a swab up our nose three times a week to test for covid in order to play, this was constant and simply just…

In any sport, an athlete faces challenges. This past season, athletes everywhere faced a new, mystifying challenge. This unfamiliar threat was known as Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic was not like any other opponent we had faced. This was a new team…

Saint Vincent College and Zoom University partnered together for the 2020-2021 academic school year. Many classes were online due to personal preference, quarantines, school shutdowns, etc. Zoom was a huge part of every student and faculties academic…

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