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The Main Bowling Center has a sign that says, "Closed - we miss you." The marquee by the Family Video complex says, "Temp. closed, will reopen."

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Governor Tom Wolf's post on Facebook explaining the activities Pennsylvania residents should and should not do during the pandemic. Posts like this provide further explanation of what "social distancing" looks like, especially when the term can be…

A sign at the Lighting Gallery in Greensburg: "Don't be sprung into the dark. Most things look better in the light." I am not sure if this text was put up during the quarantine, but it felt especially poignant during this time.

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This image depicts how I typically arrive to class in the COVID era. While convenient, I lost to chance to run into friends and have meaningful conversation while walking to class.

Words of encouragement outside a Greensburg home

Latrobe Art Center closed its doors starting March 16, 2020, in response to the global health crisis. The closure was only supposed to take place for two weeks, but ended up lasting longer than that. The art center lost all but two staff…

Our grandfather, Donald Moyer, turned 90. We made him the king for the day. The picture taken is of all his great grandchildren and on of his grandson's with his wife.

My husband, Bill, and I, had planned to be married at DiSalvo's Station in Latrobe, PA, with 100+ wedding guests in attendance. Because of COVID and many of our guests' concerns about being indoors, we postponed our reception and held the wedding…


This is a sign from the monastery during the pandemic

The new reality of working remotely at home can be a beautiful, but lonely and anxiety ridden experience for those of us with essential employee partners who are going to work while we get to stay within the safety in our home. I feel it much been…

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Signs at the Aldi in Latrobe explaining adjusted hours.

Aldi in Latrobe advertising grocery delivery services.
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