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The day that Saint Vincent College announced its closure in response to the COVID-19 pandemic coincided with the opening reception for "Caught in a Glimpse: Portraiture of Human Expression," a student art exhibition by SVC senior Sydney Hoffman at…

Finding creative ways to social distance and stay active!

Covid 19.jpg
The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly constrained the lives of many. One of the biggest changes, however, is online learning. This image depicts the reality of online learning: dreary and lonely. It is important to recognize the difficulty of online…

The COVID19 pandemic has changed all aspects of both our learning and how we interact with our classmates and professors. Zoom has become the "new classroom" however, it can never replace the in person experience of the classroom.

This image was pulled from twitter. The author is @smithcari. This is just one of the issues many students are dealing with since businesses do not want to take in people they do not know to observe up close to their employees. This pandemic has…

I remember taking this photo when I first returned to campus last fall because one of my friends in our group chat was asking what kinds of masks were we supposed to have and what were the rest of us using. By that point, it didn't even seem to be…

Zoom Room.jpeg
This image depicts how I typically arrive to class in the COVID era. While convenient, I lost to chance to run into friends and have meaningful conversation while walking to class.
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