2020 Pandemic Reflection


2020 Pandemic Reflection


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Pandemic 2020 Reflection:
With things like quarantine, fear of the virus, and the general threat to everyone’s health, it is easy to see how the Coronavirus would influence everyone’s lives. Throughout this pandemic, I have experienced many of the same things other people have. My experience with school changed from a relaxed education to being worried about the virus every day. As the numbers of the people infected with the virus increased constantly, I became unable to do many things due to fear for the safety of others, a fear many people seemed to lack during quarantine. The long quarantine from the pandemic made me discover a new hobby but made most of my other hobbies become stale to me. COVID-19 had countless life altering effects on everyone in this world, me included.
When it comes to my school experience there were many changes. When on campus instead of being able to talk to my professors during office hours they wanted us to do it online through zoom. When attending classes in person there were times where I would have to have my cybersecurity class outside since there were too many people to fit in a room socially distanced. When we were outside there wasn’t much, we could do in that class since nobody had access to the school computers. When we did get the luxury of entering a classroom, we needed to wash down our work area, remain socially distanced, and we needed to wear masks. Even though these things brought about a massive change with the daily life on campus, it didn’t bother me very much. The only thing that bothered me was the fear of bringing the virus home and it infecting a family member.
When it came time for people in America to take responsibility and wear masks and take basic precautions to protect the wellbeing of themselves and others, many were fully willing to do this but there was also large number of people who didn’t want to be bothered to protect others. This hindrance to them, and everyone else during the pandemic, was what I considered to be at most a minor inconvenience, yet they weren’t willing to make even the slightest sacrifice to protect people. These people protested this issue and refused to wear masks. Seeing things like this occurring infuriated me (and it still does, though I personally haven’t been seeing as many protests recently) because I also saw news of other countries going back to normal and having no cases because people actually listened and wore masks/socially distanced. The constant increase of the number of infected people in America and my school had gotten far beyond the point that I’m too afraid to go see even my closest family and friends due to a fear for their safety. My experiences in life have gone from seeing close family/friends every other day to not even seeing any of them in person.
My life at home during the pandemic also went through an overhaul. Instead of getting to go places experience variety in my daily life, I was held to pretty much doing some of the few things I found entertaining when home. Since I stay home now due to quarantine, I am stuck doing the same things repeatedly. One of my favorite things to do at home was playing video games but now having played them for so long it has become boring to me. This had, on a brighter note, prompted me to try a new thing. I had gotten a new mountain bike before the pandemic started but hadn’t really gone for a ride with it. This was the beginning of one of my new favorite pastimes, mountain biking. Mountain biking had saved me from a very negative attitude I developed during the pandemic, it kept me entertained for hours.
The pandemic had caused countless negative influences in my life and the lives of others. I personally don’t get to see family or friends anymore out of a general concern for their safety. Regulations for schooling had experienced an overhaul to keep everyone safe. Also, I discovered a new hobby at the cost of my other hobbies becoming stale to me. Overall, the pandemic had greatly changed many different aspects of both my life and the lives of others.


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