Grant Zerbe


Grant Zerbe


College students


March 2020-August 2020


Hello all, I am Grant Zerbe and I am a college student at Saint Vincent College. This is my final year of studying business marketing at the college. I am not entirely sure what I want to do with my degree, but I know I’ll fight for something! Fighting for a job is very real in today’s society, especially when 2019 hits everyone with a tragic pandemic. This terrible pandemic has put a halt to several of our lives. Some for the good, others for the bad.

Going home from school to my parents and just being able to sit back and enjoy family time was a real joy for me. I am not able to be with my entire family very often, so this was a little blessing in disguise. We would all have dinner together every night and have home projects as well. Every week we had another project to do such as; painting, rearranging, cleaning, building furniture, and planting trees. I know we were not the only family doing home renovations during the pandemic too. It felt like our whole neighborhood was at home depot every day!

Along with all the family time and home renovations, I was able to acquire new hobbies as well. My dad and started golfing together, this was a big step for me because my dad is an avid golfer. I grew a liking for it, which brought him and I closer together. Another hobby that I grew to like during quarantine was fishing. I would go out and fish close to five times a week. I always liked fishing, but didn’t love it. My pap and I would go all the time together just to get outside. This made a strong bond between him and I as well.

However, my life did have some downfalls to it. I had an abroad internship that was canceled because of the pandemic. I was looking forward to this opportunity very much and was greatly disappointed that it was canceled. On the bright side I was fortunate enough to find work during the pandemic to still have income for the returning semester. Others were not as fortunate as I was, and I understand. I understand because I am a graduating senior now trying to find a job! The job market is not very strong at the moment and it is becoming very hard to find decent work. This puts an enormous amount of stress on myself coming out of college and not knowing what to do.

I believe some of my peers feel the same way about the pandemic. They aren’t quite sure if they enjoyed quarantining or if they couldn’t wait to get out. Either way, we were living a very memorable moment in history for the United States and all around the world.


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