No More School


No More School


College students


March 2020-March 2021


When I first heard about the Corona Virus, I was not worried. I figured that it would not reach us here in Pennsylvania and it was just another topic for the news to talk about. When I heard that other schools around me were closing for a week or so, I was excited for the break. I was excited to be able to have a minute to breathe and catch up on any school work that I was behind on. I was excited for a weeks break. Little did I know, this pandemic caused me to not be in online classes for an extended amount of time. It has even caused me to move off campus because I was not getting the full college experience anymore. I live twenty minutes away from campus so it was smarter for me to live at home rather than on campus. I feel as if this pandemic has taken away the opportunity to make friends, associate with other people, limits our classroom activities, and it also affects how we learn.


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