Switching to Zoom



Switching to Zoom




The image shows a college faculty member's first reaction to Zoom. I think it highlights well some of the difficulties involved in switching to online learning on short notice.
(Image ID: A photograph taken of a computer screen. Displayed is a message from a redacted sender to the Faculty group: "This may not be news to many colleagues, but today a friend from CMU who is quite knowledgeable in computer matters told me of a conferencing tool called "Zoom". It is easy to download, and can be adapted to your browser of choice (in my case, Safari was not available, so I had to choose Firefox, my MacBook Pro is 2012, and never made it beyond El Capitan). I have not yet begun using "Zoom" - my first attempt will be tomorrow - but it appears to be both intuitive, and user-friendly. It should also prove valuable in staying in touch with several relatives all over the world at the same time, something that the usual suspects WhatsApp, FaceTime, telegram et alia often fail to accomplish." End description)


April 3, 2020


“Switching to Zoom,” Pandemic 2020: An SVC Covid-19 Public History Project, accessed March 21, 2023, https://pandemic2020svc.omeka.net/items/show/141.

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