COVID and College


COVID and College


College students


March 2020


Haley Cannada


I remember the exact day where we got sent home for 'two weeks' my Spring semester of Freshman year because of COVID. I had just gotten back from Spring Break in Florida and had the most amazing trip, but on the flight home I realized that quite a few passengers were wearing medical face masks which was such a foreign and unnerving sight. Fast Forward to Fall semester of my Sophomore year; those two weeks of being sent home turned into complete remote learning and an early move out, COVID had taken the world by storm claiming far too many lives, and my college experience was turned upside down. With the strict COVID protocols, I was not able to mingle with my friends in different dorm buildings and found it difficult to maintain relationships working through masks and restrictions. My grades were doing well however and I was finding ways to keep myself occupied outside or at the gym so I was not driving myself crazy looking at my brick walled dorm room. Now being in the Fall semester of my Junior year at Saint Vincent, I have grown and matured immensely from Freshman year, and I do correlate some of that growth to being resilient and working through the struggles that the pandemic presented. There is finally light at the end of the tunnel and things on campus feel pretty normal again which I am so grateful for. Overall, I am optimistic that we will see a completely normal world again sooner rather than later.


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