COVID and School Life


COVID and School Life


College students


August 2020 - November 2020


I would like to share my story on how COVID as affect my school life.

When returning to school in hope of a peaceful semester, COVID has not yet had its fun with me. When coming to school I rely on having a social life with friends in order to help with the stressfulness of school work and classes. Rules were placed towards the end of the semester that we could not be in large gatherings, we could not leave our rooms unless it was for food. We were kept in our rooms for an entire week. This was a horrible experience because it felt as if I were in a prison. We had specific times to get our food and if we missed it, we didn't get to eat. COVID was scaring people all around me that we weren't able to live a normal life. This week was very stressful as it was coming near finals and we had to go remote for the time being. All around, it wasn't a pleasant experience and it will be something I remember forever.


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