Living during an epidemic


Living during an epidemic


College Students




Amanda Michel


While finishing my junior year at college, I never thought that I would spend a majority of it at home. While being home and staying quarantined from the world, it can be difficult and most importantly boring! While some are still employed and staying busy, others are home with nothing to do. I am making this post to provide a few things to help take up all of our excess time. During my time at home, a majority of my days are spent on school work while the rest is free time.
-One hobby i picked up is painting more. I enjoy painting and art because the best thing about is you don't have to be amazing at it! Taking some time to look away from a screen is beneficial and can get your creativity flowing.
-Another hobby that is great to do is baking! My family and I have been baking frequently and it is something fun to do and also eat after.
-If you have access to it, another option is video games! Whether that be on an Xbox, ps4, or switch, games can be something fun to take up your time.
-Lastly, this quarantine has motivated me to work out. We are recently being blessed with good weather, so I like to spend my time going on runs outside or even taking walks with my dog.

I hope this could bring some motivation or ideas to help make a routine during this scary time!


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