Taking this time to improve on mental and physical health


Taking this time to improve on mental and physical health


College students
Staying home


April 13, 2020


Christian Frazier


During this period of isolation and social distancing it has impacted not only communities but individuals on a daily basis. This pandemic has affected people on a physical and emotional health level in a negative fashion. It took me a fair amount of time to adjust to the changes made within society and had to keep it upon myself to stay busy. When transitioning from campus class to online class I knew it would be a big change. With that change, I knew there would be gaps of free time in my day. So, I made myself a schedule for each day of the week to keep on track and mostly to stay productive. I always start my day waking up around 9am and to make sure I have my day planned out. I make myself breakfast and typically like to complete assignments in the morning because I feel most productive during that time. After my assignments are done and I have attended my online classes. for that day, I tend to figure out what can I possibly due that day. I usually like to go for a run around my neighborhood right after and if not I take my dog for a walk. Soon after, I like to enjoy reading articles about current events and the progression of how we are battling this pandemic. Since I fortunately was deemed an essential worker due to working at Jefferson Hospital part-time I was able to keep myself working constantly and actively staying busy. I believe during this time the best thing we can do to keep people, friends, you and loved one’s safe is to complete things you have been putting off due to lack of time. If you have been meaning to complete a book do it. If you been wanting to start a diet try it. As a community, we should take this pandemic to improvise our mental and physical health. I especially enjoy the time with my family right now because I do not get to see them very much while I am in school. This time should not be viewed as a dreaded time rather to appreciate the things we take for granted.


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