Stone's Story


Stone's Story


College Students


April 8th


Stone Haberstroh


With the outbreak of the Pandemic known as Covid-19, it has been pretty tough living any kind of "normal" lifestyle. At first I thought it was nice to be out of school for what we were told to be only two weeks, get some time to relax at our homes and do school work online. However, a few days later our school emailed us and told us that we would not be returning to Saint Vincent this semester and it started an all out panic for the seniors. It was a sad day when we heard the news, it was bitter sweet. On one hand, the students didn't have to go back to school this year and finish the semester out online, but on the other hand, the seniors lost their last two and a half months of being around the people they have been able to share memories with and grow as people together their last four years. For me, a senior at Saint Vincent, I was devastated. The online school work turned out to be more and worse than actually being in class, the best parts about the classes I had taken this year were all gone since we couldn't be physically in class, and I lost the memories we still had left to make my last two and a half months as a senior. There was so many fun things the seniors look forward to their last semester at Saint Vincent, including the event we call, "Rooney Around the World," which means we go to one of our resident buildings, Rooney apartments, and we party on different floors that are themed in places like Paris, Brazil, Florence, etc. Another things that we missed out on was Slosh ball, which is one of the most fun things that our seniors are able to do. We missed out on the celebration of graduating from an amazing college, Saint Vincent College. We will go down as the class that didn't get to finish out our senior year, but we will always have the memories that Saint Vincent had to offer.


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