Expectations of a Pandemic (and panic-buying)

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Expectations of a Pandemic (and panic-buying)


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Friday, February 28, 2020 (around 1:30 p.m.)


These are screenshots of the first conversation I had with my fiance about the coronavirus, which occurred on a Friday during our work day. This was the day before the first death in the U.S., when cases in Europe and the U.S. were starting to spread. I was starting to get apprehensive, and my preparedness "jokes" were masking my fear that this was going to become a more serious situation very quickly. My fiance (who works in finance) was mostly brushing it off.

I am someone who likes to be prepared with food and toiletries anyway--I absolutely hate shopping in crowds in anticipation of a snowstorm or a holiday. The talk around this pandemic made my mild preparedness instinct kick in.

That night, I did go to the local Walmart and purchase a 16 pack of toilet paper, because we were running low and I had a feeling I would regret it if I waited. The panic buying started about 1-2 weeks later.



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